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Students of the Laing Avenue Learning Centre excel at the 2023 NGSA and CSEC examinations.

– AMDI remains committed to supporting the learning center.

There are people who sacrifice their best to ensure others achieve their greatest. Such examples are Ms. Florence Rowe and her sister Fiona DeJone of the Laing Avenue Learning Centre. Ms. Rowe’s residence was transformed to provide a safe space for children to learn and have access to all the tools needed to complete their Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) and National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

Ms. Rowe attributes her benevolent spirit to the influence of her mother’s charitable attitude and continues to demonstrate this through her persistence to see each child succeed. “[This] inspires me to continue,” she noted. “I’m thankful that God has placed me in a position to help them on this journey of betterment. They are breaking the generational curses of school dropouts and [generational curses] of not performing well at exams,” said Ms. Rowe.

Laing Avenue Learning Centre is an educational hub where CSEC students can visit to study, and access the internet to complete assignments, projects, and School Based Assessments (SBA). Students also receive guidance from both Ms. Rowe and Ms. De Jonge. As a result, there were outstanding performances by 4 students, who now proudly boast 100% passes in both Mathematics and English.

These students are Jinelle Sumner, Akeelah DeJonge, Antwan Gravesande, and Gario John.
In addition, Ms. Rowe teaches grades 1 to 6 with concentrated classes for grade 6 in preparation for the NGSA. This has seen the following 9 pupils moving on to their high school chapter this September.

Graduating from West Ruimveldt Primary are, Seth Sookdeo – Tutorial High, Uriah Sookdeo – Brickdam Secondary, Brandon Gulliver – Brickdam Secondary, Destiny Lovell – Brickdam Secondary, Shakeel Hinds – Brickdam Secondary, and Lando Gravesande – Lodge Secondary. Juracie Austin from Parfaite Harmony received a placement at Vreed-en-Hoop Secondary while Amya Jones will be leaving St. Angela’s Primary and moving on to Lodge Secondary. Saidah Henry from St. Pius Primary will be heading to Lodge Secondary.

On behalf of the ANSA McAl family, we congratulate all of the students and pupils of Laing Avenue Learning Centre and we are positive that their successes will continue as they embark on this new chapter.
ANSA McAL remains committed to its promise to provide support to the Laing Avenue Learning Centre.