Team Members

Troy Cadogan

Managing Director

Mr. Troy Cadogan’s journey with AMDI began as a Brand Manager and progressed through roles such as Divisional Manager and Marketing Director, ultimately leading to his current role as Managing Director. In January 2009, he was appointed to the AMDI Board.

His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Guyana, a postgraduate diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and an MBA from the University of the West Indies, which he earned in 2008. In 2014, he successfully completed the High Potential Leadership Development program at Harvard University.

Troy Cadogan possesses exceptional abilities in team building, leadership, engagement with public agencies, and collaboration with key stakeholders. In his leisure time, you can often find him on the local golf course or participating in charitable activities through his membership in the Rotary Club of Stabroek.

Ganesh Hirryman

Chief Financial Officer

Padma De Lima

Divisional Head – Food and Consumer Goods

Selwyn Williams

Warehouse Manager

Darshanie Yussuf-Abel

Divisional Manager – Customer Management/Sales

Dexter Seaton

Sales and Trade Marketing Manager

Rampersaud Arjune

Van Sales Manager

Mark Bikhai

Manager – Berbice Area

Errol Nelson

Business Unit Head – International Spirits

Elvan Hamilton

HSSEQ Assistant Manager

Holly Persaud

Human Resources Business Partner

Subrina Bhajan-Kishore

Business Unit Head – Food and Consumer Goods

Carol-Ann Lam

Business Unit Head

Marcia Edwards

Head of Retail

Atisha Isaacs

Business Unit Head – Proctor and Gamble

Kalawattie Datt-Singh

Business Unit Head – Health and Wellness

Tracy Seaforth

Business Unit Head - Beverage




Ganesh Hirryman currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer at ANSA McAL Distribution Inc., where he brings an impressive 26 years of experience in distribution. His journey with the ANSA McAL Group of companies commenced in 1997, and since then, he has demonstrated remarkable growth within the organization.

In 2009, Mr. Hirryman underwent a seamless transition as he assumed a pivotal role within a dynamic management team, showcasing his adaptability and leadership abilities. Throughout his tenure, his unwavering commitment has consistently revolved around upholding accountability and ensuring strict adherence to group policies and procedures.

Mr. Hirryman boasts the prestigious title of a certified chartered accountant, holding an ACCA qualification that underscores his professional competence. Complementing his formal education, he has also received training in leadership and development programs from the esteemed University of the West Indies.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mr. Hirryman is a devoted husband and a loving father to his son, highlighting his commitment to both his family and career.

Since the beginning of her journey at AMDI in 2009, Padma has demonstrated outstanding leadership that has been integral to the company’s success over the years.

She holds a BSC in Business Management, a Marketing Diploma from the University of Guyana, and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business. Padma also completed the JMW Leadership program.

Throughout her years at AMDI, she has assumed managerial positions in the Consumer Goods Division, and the Construction Division until eventually as the Business Unit Head of Procter & Gamble. Under her leadership throughout the years the Unit has received numerous awards in recognition of performance excellence. Some of these awards are the Distribution of the Year Award for LANMAR in 2016 and 2017, the first place of the fabric facilitating challenge, and best-in-class execution for P&G in the years 2017 and 2018.

Padma is a mother of two (2) children and in her leisure time, she enjoys watching sports and going to the gym.

Selwyn Williams assumes the critical role of overseeing the management of AMDI’s warehousing operations in Guyana. These encompass the primary warehouse situated at Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara, in addition to two auxiliary warehouses located in Berbice, Region Six, and Bartica, Region Seven.

With an impressive twenty-five years of experience in warehousing and distribution, Selwyn exercises direct supervision over a workforce of 65 individuals. This includes personnel ranging from the assistant warehouse manager and supervisors to clerks, drivers, and warehouse assistants.

Selwyn’s professional qualifications include his status as an associate member of ABE, accompanied by an advanced diploma in Business Management. His commitment to continuous learning is evident through his completion of certificate courses in Industrial Relations and Management. Notably, he has pursued further education in Leadership Development at UWI Cavehill in 2013 and in Supply Chain & Logistics Management in 2018.

Darshanie Yussuf-Abel career trajectory led her to this role after a notable tenure as the Business Unit Head for the international Beers, Wines & Spirits portfolios in 2022, where she had direct responsibilities for pioneering marketing distribution strategies. With a solid professional background spanning over a decade, she has accumulated significant expertise in the domains of communications, marketing, and trade marketing.

Mrs. Yussuf-Abel’s commitment to her educational journey is evident in her achievement of an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business in 2015. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge remains unabated, as she has actively engaged in numerous leadership programs related to sales, marketing, and customer service across various locations, including Guyana, Trinidad, Panama, Costa Rica, and the USA, collaborating closely with Heineken.

Dexter Seaton assumed the Sales and Trade Marketing Manager role within the Beverage Division upon his incorporation into ANSA McAL Distribution Inc. in November 2016. Dexter boasts an impressive career spanning over twelve years, characterized by extensive expertise in logistics, sales, marketing, and trade marketing. His professional journey has taken him to various countries, including Martinique, Guadalupe, Costa Rica, Trinidad, and different regions of Guyana.

Before joining the AMDI team, Dexter served as the Key Accounts and logistics executive at Demerara Tobacco Company Limited, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco responsible for providing marketing support for brands in the Guyana market.

Dexter’s commitment to professional growth is underscored by his training under PepsiCo International for the PEPSI Selling Process and his attainment of the Royal Dekuyper Bartending Certificate. Beyond his skill set, Mr. Seaton is driven by a profound passion for advancing the economic success of specific brands and nurturing the development of individuals under his exemplary leadership.

Prior to ANSA McAL Distribution Inc., she worked for Correia Group of Companies for some 8 years. Her journey at AMDI began in 2009 in the finance department.

She currently holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration from the United Kingdom and is working to complete her ACCA qualification.

An accountant by profession, she found her true passion in the Procurement and Logistics Department where she was instrumental in its development of procedures and systems.

She also attended several training programs and workshops in Supply Chain Management. A wife and mother of one, she spends her free time with her family. She enjoys cooking, gardening and interior home designs.

He is one of ANSA McAL’s longest serving employees with 24 years of diligent contribution to the excellent customer service provided by the company. Rampersaud’s career at AMDI started at the Warehouse where he gained insight into the company’s distribution and trade.

He has a certificate in Supervisory Management from the Institute of Private Enterprise Development along with corresponding certificates from other private institutions.

Mark Bhikhai embarked on his journey with the company back in 2002, occupying this pivotal role, and has since amassed an impressive two decades of versatile experience in various domains. Within his purview, he bears responsibility for Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Inventory management, and HR management.

Throughout his tenure, Mark has maintained a steadfast commitment to expanding ANSA McAL’s presence and influence in the Berbice area. His educational background is rich and diverse, encompassing qualifications in Marketing, Management, and Leadership from esteemed institutions including the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, the University of Guyana, and the University of the West Indies. Currently, he is actively pursuing a master’s degree in international business, highlighting his dedication to continuous learning.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mark is driven by a profound passion for cultivating a workplace that goes beyond the ordinary—a place where employees are enveloped in a second family and where innovation and support flourish within the community. In his leisure time, Mark devotes himself to his two daughters, indulges in outdoor activities, and finds solace in the immersive world of fantasy movies.

His professional experience spans over 19 years in the areas of sales, marketing, and distribution at a senior managerial level during those years.

A former student of Queen’s College, His academic accomplishments are strategically aligned with his career path. He holds a master’s degree in international business administration from the University of the West Indies. Additionally, he has a bachelor’s degree in business management (distinction) and a Diploma in Marketing from the University of Guyana.

One noteworthy accomplishment for Mr. Nelson was completing Certification programmes in Strategic Sales, Marketing, and Distribution from the Coca-Cola Company. He is also certified by the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business with a certificate in leadership.
Errol enjoys fishing, swimming, and football.

With more than 7 years of professional experience in the Quality and Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) sectors of prominent fisheries industries in Guyana, Elvan effectively leads the team in ensuring that the company’s facilities are well-maintained and that the quality of its products consistently meets the required standards.

Elvan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Guyana and is currently in the process of completing an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from JAIN University in India.

Additionally, he possesses several certifications in the field of Quality.
He firmly believes in the power of determination and is a strong advocate for setting ambitious goals. Elvan encourages the mindset of giving your best effort, using failures as valuable learning experiences, and celebrating successes when they come.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Elvan finds joy in reading fiction, both as a viewer and a participant in various sports activities. He has a deep appreciation for the outdoors, embraces the beauty of nature, enjoys traveling, and finds solace in swimming.

Holly Persaud joined our team as the Human Resources Business Partner. She has over fifteen (15) years’ experience in managing employees under different portfolios (Local, Regional, International) with over seven (7) of those years in Senior Corporate HR Management.

Holly’s ambitious pursuit in her academics has allowed her to achieve her master’s degree in business administration from the University of the People (in collaboration with NYU, McGill, Harvard Business School Online, and University of Edinburg), a BSc. In Clinical Psychology from the American University of Peace Studies in Guyana, Society for Human Resources Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) certificate and over fifteen other certifications in various programmes that add to her performance in her role.

She enjoys spending quality time with her family and animals and feels a sense of great calm when baking. Her professional aspirations drive her passion to help others realize their potential with a deep interest in sharing in the Titus 2 kind of leadership. Holly’s personal philosophy is “Always try to see the glass half full. Life can be difficult with personal and professional hurdles, but always try to see the best in any situation remembering even though we don’t understand it, God will carry you.”

Ms. Bhajan-Kishore is responsible for leading and developing the overall performance of the Food and Consumer Goods Division where she has direct oversight of over 21 brands.

Subrina joined the ANSA McAL team in 2017 where she expanded her experience in various roles before her promotion to the role of Business Unit Head.

She has over 12 years of extensive experience in Retail, Marketing and Customer Services and her academic portfolio includes a Diploma in Marketing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Guyana. She also holds a master’s degree in international business from the University of the West Indies in addition to numerous training and workshop that has paved the way for the growth in her career.

Subrina is also a mother and a wife and enjoys the company of family and friends in her leisure time.

With a decade of experience as a Registered Pharmacist, she has contributed her expertise across various facets of pharmacy practice, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, community practice, and pharmaceutical distribution.

Carol-Ann embarked on her journey with Ansa McAL in 2017 as a Medical Representative and subsequently served as a Sales Manager within the Health & Wellness Division before achieving her current role.

In 2020, Carol-Ann decided to expand her academic horizons. Despite her undergraduate background in Pharmacy from the University of Guyana, she pursued a Master’s in Business Management from the University of Bedfordshire. Furthermore, she engaged in post-graduate studies specializing in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the University of the West Indies Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning (CPDLL).

Carol-Ann credits her diverse academic pursuits for honing her exceptional business development skills. These experiences have equipped her with superb organizational abilities, effective problem-solving acumen, and a sharp eye for detail.

Marcia Edwards joined the company as the Head of Retail, managing ANSA McAL’s Mini Mart, TWEE Gourmet Shoppe and Bar, and the TWEE Stores located at Arrival and Departures of the Cheddie Jagan Ingternational Airport. She is responsible for contributing to the company’s strategic objectives by creating and adding value through the growth and development of the retail business.

Marcia holds a master’s degree in project management from the University of the West Indies and a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Guyana. She has fifteen years of experience in a combination of Retail Management, Customer Service, HR management, and leadership.

Marcia is passionate about volunteering through the Georgetown D’ Urban Park Lions Club and has been a part of several youth organizations, including the President’s Youth Award, The Guyana Red Cross Society, the Dynamic Youth Group, and the Guyana Girl Guides Association. She has one (1) daughter and enjoys baking buns in her spare time. She intends to pursue her dream of traveling the world to explore new places and the unknown.

In 2022, Atisha Isaacs assumed the role of Business Unit Head for the Proctor and Gamble Division at Ansa McAL Trading. Her professional journey spans over thirteen years, encompassing expertise in Customer Relations Management, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development.

Atisha’s educational background includes studies at St. Stanislaus College, where she earned a Diploma in Marketing, and a Degree in Business Management from the University of Guyana.

Passionate about networking and known for her strong teamwork skills, Atisha also embraces her role as a devoted mother to two boys. She cherishes quality family time, finds joy in music, and has a penchant for enjoying a good ‘meme.’

 She often shares the wisdom of Henry John Heinz, stating, “Doing a common thing uncommonly well brings success,” as one of her favorite quotes.

Kalawattie’s role encompasses the oversight of Ethical and Government Business, where she supervises a team of medical representatives and pharmacists for the retail outlet.

Kalawattie initiated her journey with ANSA McAL in 2012, starting as a Medical Representative. Through her dedication and expertise, she earned promotions, first as a Tender Coordinator, then as an Institutional Business Manager, and now as a Business Unit Head.

Her educational background is marked by an Associate Degree in Medical Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, both from the University of Guyana. Further enhancing her qualifications, she completed a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Bedfordshire.

Between 2000 and 2004, in dedication to her profession, Kalawattie became an active member of professional organizations such as the Guyana Pharmacists’ Association (GPA), Pharmacy Council of Guyana, Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA), and Caribbean Association of Pharmacists (CAP).

Throughout her career in pharmacy, Kalawattie has been a driving force in elevating the profession’s standards and impact, both locally and across the Caribbean.

Tracy Seaforth assumes the role of Business Unit Head for the Beverage Division, offering an extensive sixteen years of experience encompassing Customer Services, Advertising, Sponsorships, Trade Marketing, and Brand Management. Her wealth of knowledge and adept leadership are invaluable assets to the division.

Tracy’s educational journey began at St. Joseph’s High, and she has since earned an associate degree in marketing and a Diploma in Business Communication. Currently, she is pursuing an MBA in Business Administration through the Commonwealth master’s Programme at the University of Guyana. Her commitment to professional growth is evident through her participation in training programs focused on Horeca Academy, Product Knowledge, and Brand Management.

Tracy firmly believes in the power of pursuing dreams with courage and recognizes the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. She advocates for a philosophy that underscores the necessity of embracing a determined desire for change to witness life’s transformative possibilities.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Tracy is an avid reader who relishes playing lawn tennis, exploring new destinations through travel, and cherishing quality moments with her family and friends.