Assistant Warehouse Manager

Reports to: Warehouse Manager

Under the general supervision of the Warehouse Manager, the Assistant Warehouse Manager supervises warehouse personnel and assists with the operation of the warehouses (e.g., receives, maintains inventory, coordinates deliveries, organizes orders).

Area of Responsibility

  • Assists with selection, supervision and training of warehouse workers.
  • Evaluates performance and verifies correctness of employee time cards.
  • Directs warehousing activities (e.g., ordering, receiving and unloading shipments, processing records, preparing and distributing reports and other documentation, establishing and coordinating policies, assisting with vendor contracts). Responsible for processing entire warehouse cycle for
  • AMDI commodities (receiving, inventory control, monitoring, scheduling,
  • pulling, etc.).
  • Clears incoming freight for payment.
  • Coordinates with truck drivers and dispatchers, explaining distribution policies and procedures for deliveries and shipments.
  • Coordinates with vendors to ensure correct products are ordered and delivered.
  • Assists with resolution of quantity, pricing and quality issues and discrepancies.
  • Schedules and arranges deliveries and shipments, coordinating schedules.
  • Prepares related documentation.
  • Monitors issuance of items.
  • Assists with preparation and checking of reports, schedules, invoices, forms and other required warehouse documentation.
  • Assists with inventory control and resolves inventory discrepancies.
  • Maintains equipment and facilities, informing the Manager of repairs needed and ensuring proper housekeeping.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (in related field) with 5 years’ experience or 8 years’ experience in lieu of qualification.
  • Thorough knowledge of warehousing policies and practices.
  • Management, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to operate trucks, forklifts, and pallet jacks.
  • Ability to make budget recommendations.

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