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Ariel ‘Triple Treat’ Winners drive off with cars – January 17, 2020

Winners receive keys to their brand new cars while consolation winners rewarded as well

ANSA McAL Distribution Inc. (AMDI) on Friday (January 17) handed out all final prizes in the Ariel ‘Triple Treat’ Christmas Promotion at its Beterverwagting Head Office.

Receiving cars were Tamera Walcott, Donette Hemroly and Dhanrajie Suknanan while Desmond Woon won the $100,000 cash prize.

Barbara Lewis, Stacey O’Donoghue, B. Bimraj and Liseanne Jones were the winners of full P&G Hampers while e Reiaz Azim, Navendra Persaud, Elisha Adams and Hansmattie Parmessar Mohamed received their pot sets.

Adams who won a pot set noted that he was “happy” with the win even though he aimed for the car, “I use Ariel with everything, even when washing wears, it’s the best detergent and I will be playing again this year because I want that car,” Adams stated.

Walcott who won a car shared, “it’s our second year playing and I won the car and don’t have my license but I’m working on getting it at the moment but I’m just happy we won.

“We started using Breeze but didn’t like the smell and from then on all we use is Ariel,” the ecstatic Walcott noted.

Meanwhile both Business Unit Head of P&G, Padma Kunjbeharry and Ariel Brand Coordinator Atina Samad congratulated all the winners and noted that Ariel and by extension ANSA McAL enjoys giving back to the community.