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ANSA McAL Transforms Basketball Court

After years of worsening conditions, the Burnham Basketball Court was finally rehabilitated by ANSA MCal and Hennessy. The basketball court which is located between Middle, and Carmichael Streets was officially opened on January 27th to facilitate the inauguration of the prestigious cognac which is also revered as the spirit of the NBA, Hennessy.

The Burnham’s Basketball Court was established sixty-five (65) years ago and is locally regarded as the “Mecca” by the local basketball fraternity. However, over the years it was deteriorating as a facility and athletes complained.

Now, because of ANSA MCal ‘s new partnership with Hennessy, the newly remodeled basketball arena now has refurbished officials’ tables, players’ areas, and spectator stand. Basketball athletes will now enjoy playing on the court with new lights to facilitate them playing at nights and a colourful mural on the court to signify a vibrant new chapter for the Burnham Basketball Court.

To commemorate the occasion, there was a 3×3 mini basketball tournament which ultimately ended with the Plaisance Guardians walking away with $100,000 cash prize as the winners of the tournament.

Special guests such as Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr. who delivered the keynote address, Mayor of Georgetown; His Worship Ubraj Narine, and Santiago Frusto; the Market Manager for South America at Moet Hennessy were in attendance to usher this new horizon for ANSA MCal Trading Ltd and for sports in Guyana.