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ANSA McAL Parkside Steel Orchestra

The panel at the press conference with AMDI’s Corporate Communications Officer, Alleya Hamilton ( Left), Troy Cadogan, Kellisha Edwards and other ANSA McAL Parkside Steel Orchestra members.

ANSA McAL Distribution Inc.. (AMDI) has officially adopted and rebranded The Parkside Steel Orchestra, which is now the ANSA McAL Parkside Steel Orchestra, as part of AMDI’s 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

This undertaking is in keeping with AMDI’s commitment to sustainability and support for local youths and art. The company’s support towards this noteworthy Steel Orchestra creates more opportunities for young Guyanese musicians within the ANSA McAL Parkside Steel Orchestra to showcase their talents locally and internationally.

The Parkside Steel Orchestra is a non-profit organization formed in 1998 that seeks to provide opportunities for youths and young adults to have an enriching musical education and opportunities beyond what the local schools offer. Over the years, the band has established an impressive track record after winning the National Steelband Competition ten times (1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016. In addition, the group also runs a youth steelpan and music literacy program titled “The Pan Wave Academy”, launched in 2000, which provides young children with the opportunity to learn steelpan.

Some of the members of the Parkside Steel Orchestra at their last event.

The Managing Director of ANSA McAL Distribution Inc., Troy Cadogan, handed over one million dollars at a press conference yesterday where the Corporate Communications Officer, Alleya Hamilton announced that the company would be adopting the band at the AMDI main office at Beterverwagting, ECD. Present were the media, members of the ANSA McAL Parkside Steel Orchestra and management and staff of AMDI. This donation will ensure that all needs are met and more opportunities are created for them to showcase their talents as artists on various platforms.

Mr Cadogan and other management team members handed the cheque to the ANSA McAL Parkside Steel Orchestra.

Mr Cadogan noted that he is proud of this initiative and, as a steelpan enthusiast, is happy to support this outstanding steel orchestra. He further stated that despite the band’s achievements and notoriety within the steelpan industry, they have often been overshadowed by other bands with major sponsors; therefore, this partnership will enhance their visibility and create more opportunities for them to shine.

ANSA McAL Trading proudly welcomes the ANSA McAL Parkside Steel Orchestra to the ANSA McAL family. It is confident that this new trailblazing partnership will create more opportunities for harmony between the company and the arts in Guyana.