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AMDI Supports Fun Raising Event for Starter’s Nursery School

As an effort to sustain our Corporate Social Responsibility, ANSA McAL Distribution Inc. (AMDI) donated beverages to Starter’s Nursery School Easter Fund Raiser activity on Saturday, to assist them in financing the improvements required towards developing a Reading Theatre/IT room. AMDI jumped at the opportunity to participate in this project since it will help the students to have a better opportunity in their learning development.

In a letter penned to AMDI by the headmistress Ms. Maureen Philadelphia, she noted that the pandemic has affected education like the other aspects of life. Therefore, the PTA initiated an Easter fund- raising event as an alternative to provide a Reading Theatre/IT room which is necessary as an educational resource for the students in her school.  

The fund-raising event turned out to be a success as the beverage sale was profitable and the children along with their families attended in their numbers to show their support towards the initiative.