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AMDI Supports Equity for All Women

The women of AMDI Warehouse

ANSA McAL Distribution Inc. has always been a company that believes in equity for women, especially in business and corporate. With over a dozen women in senior managerial roles and women in most senior positions, it is irrefutable that AMDI’s environment allows women to flourish without restraints in their careers and have the same opportunities as men.

This year’s Women’s International Day theme was Equity for women in digital innovation and technological advancement. Even though women have been making groundbreaking contributions to science and technology for generations, they are still experiencing prejudice and limited opportunities in these industries because they are male-dominated. This year women are advocating for girls and women to have the same options and accommodation in careers such as video gaming, computer science, digital creation and more. Women should embrace their inner geniuses and not hide their potential because their aspirations are deemed by society as a male careers.

To support this theme, women posed for pictures showing the embrace symbol of themselves and other women with the potential for digital innovation and technological advancement. They believe that women deserve the same access and opportunities in every field without limitations or discrimination based on gender.

In addition, The Managing Director of AMDI, Troy Cadogan, treated the female employees with purple roses and cupcakes to show his appreciation. He noted that the women at ANSA McAL had added balance to the organization over the years, contributing to the company’s success.