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AMDI Renders Support to Community Teacher

ANSA McAL and Icool pledged to support Florence Rowe, a lessons teacher who is helping children in the West Ruimveldt community to fill the educational gap caused by the covid-19 pandemic which closed schools and caused some children’s educational needs to be neglected. With the help of her sister and others, Rowe’s lessons cater to over 60 children in grades 1 to 10 in the core subjects every afternoon after school for free.

Ms Florence Rowe is on the left posing with some of her pupils and ANSA McAL Distribution Inc.. brand manager for Icool.

When asked about her motivation Rowe noted that she inherited her late mother’s charitable attitude. As a result, she left the full-time job that she had for many years and transformed her yard in West Ruimveldt to facilitate lessons after realizing her potential to help the children in her community.

In addition, she provides stationery and snacks to eliminate any excuses for students to be absent from her lessons. Icool will provide a monthly supply of cases of the Icool Juice to ensure that Rowe’s lessons continue to cater to the needs of the children in her community.