Rush Energy Drink (Case x24)


Time is in short supply and we all want to live life to the full. Energy drinks often promise to enhance alertness, mental clarity and personal performance.

Now, Rush delivers on the promise, helping you jump start your day.


The secret to our success is our winning formula. Rush is a popular, refreshing energy drink with a clean, appealing taste. Our formula produces a smooth tasting, stimulating drink, with a higher energy output than most competitor brands. We only use the very highest quality ingredients and it is like for like against the market leader – additionally our fresh, smooth liquid formula leaves NO aftertaste – a significant consumer criticism of other leading brands.

A fine balance of subtle flavours, B vitamins and sugars, carefully produced with the highest quality ingredients to give a fresh, well rounded flavour. We operate a simple, cost effective route to market through our client base. Other routes to market include licensing agreements, global distribution partners and foreign brand agents.