Dispatch Supervisor

Responsible for the tracking of confirmed orders. Liaising with warehouse
admin to ensure all pick slips are printed, confirmed picked, and invoiced. Additionally, the
scheduling of trucks/vans to be loaded with customers’ orders (for delivery within 24 hours falls
within the purview of the dispatch supervisor. Coordinating of haulage to Linden, Essequibo,
Berbice and Bartica is also the responsibility of the dispatch supervisor.


  • Laizing with sales and Actioning of Confirmed orders. to be loaded.
  • Efficient Route Management for AMDI delivery fleet and contracted fleet
  • Allocating of delivery assistants to trucks to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • Efficient scheduling of Customer’s orders.
  • Scheduling and recording all customers’ invoices issued to drivers.
  • Submit report on AMDI vehicles in the delivery fleet which are not roadworthy.
  • Ensuring AMDI delivery drivers are optimally utilized.
  • Communicating with delivery contractors and allocating delivery jobs equitably.
  • Track and report damage and other stock not delivered.
  • Laise with supervisors of depots and place bookings with T&HD to ensure
    requisitions are delivered to the depot in a timely manner.
  • Tracking and reporting deliveries handled by AMDI for Abel Building solutions.


  1. Check and confirm all pick lists distributed were returned for pack and post and invoicing.
  2. Check and confirm with salesmen, where necessary for any special delivery instructions,
    such as time and location where the order is to be delivered.
  3. Collect all invoices generated for next day delivery and allocate to AMDI delivery drivers
    and contractors to ensure efficient routing. All AMDI drivers must be fully utilized before
    engaging contractors.
  4. Arrange for the loading of customers’ orders already staged and checked.
  5. Prepare delivery schedules with all invoices listed for orders loaded on the delivery truck.
  6. Ensure delivery drivers and contractors sign for all invoices for which stock was loaded on
    their truck.
  7. Occasionally monitor GPS to ensure AMDI drivers stay within the assigned route.
  8. Ensure that invoices returned by drivers have customers’ or their agent’s signature affixed
    to confirm their orders were delivered in full.
  9. Ensure goods not delivered were returned and documented to facilitate the preparation of
    credit authorization.
  10. Ensure all documents (revenue license, fitness, goods transportation etc.) are valid and not
    expired. Provide facility management with information on document renewal, within two
    weeks of documents expiring.
  11. Collect daily vehicle checklist from drivers and report defects to ensure preventative
  12. Conduct audit of tools and accessories on all AMDI delivery trucks and ensure
  13. Enforce for drivers and assistants to strictly adhere with the requirements for the safety and
    health legislation and the observance of road safety guidelines. Report all accidents or
    incidents immediately.


  • 2 years experience
  • Diploma

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