Several decades ago, the ANSA McAL Group of Companies, observe favourable economic opportunity for direct investment in Guyana and did so with Seals and Packaging Industries Ltd (SAPIL). However, that particular partnership typically encountered some apparent setbacks. Undeterred, the ANSA McAL Group noticed that there was keenly a specific need in the country for a more robust and local service properly oriented distribution business. In 1992 ANSA McAL Trading Guyana Limited (AMTL) was birthed.

Starting at Farm on the East Bank of Demerara, AMTL progressively grew and moved effortlessly from its local office in Middle Street and then to La Penitence, Georgetown. An ultimate strategic decision was carefully developed in 2007 when the company moved to what is now called home at Beterverwagting, on the East Coast of Demerara. Over time the community was transformed with the expansion of the warehouse facility, office space which eventually boosted employment opportunities at the company.

AMTL traditionally initiated local operations with only five Group products, and these were rightfully Carib Beer, Royal Extra Stout, Smalta, TrinChloro Bleach and Swinger Matches. But has since diversified its comprehensive portfolio with more than 3000 SKUs of excellent products.

The Pharmaceutical Landscape

In 2000 the pharmaceutical landscape was positively transformed with the cementing of several international partnerships like GSK and ALCON and instrumental scores of local partnerships with experienced nurses, excellent doctors, medical facilities and charitable medical outreach programs.

The Pharmaceutical division is now outfitted with a modern state of the art warehouse with cold and other storage capacity and now boasts over 1000 SKUs from 15 leading international pharmaceutical companies and with six (6) practising pharmacists on knowledgeable staff.

Alcohol Beverage Portfolio

Our alcoholic-beverage portfolio includes international beers, wines, and spirits from renowned companies such as Hennessy, Moet & Chandon, Bacardi, E&J Gallo (Barefoot), and Stansfeld Scott (Cavicchioli), J. Wray & Nephew, Heineken, and many others.

Meanwhile, we boast of our household non-alcoholic brands such as Lucozade, Rush, Grace Tropical Rhythm Juice, and Peanut Punch, Icool water and juice drink.

As corporate citizens, we consistently advocate that ONLY adults must consume our products in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Food Products

To a considerable extent, AMTL has since exponentially included Food products like Bumblebee tuna, English Cheddar Cheese, Pringles and the ‘Chief’ and ‘Lasco’ brands of seasoning, margarine, oil, juices, and snacks to its line of products. A cold storage area was also set up in 2017 to accommodate sausages, fries, chocolates and other products in keeping with our ongoing expansion plans.

Construction Solutions

The Construction Solutions Division was introduced in 2007 and offers PENTA paints, pavers, cladding and windows. The ANSA clay blocks continue faithfully gaining local prominence because of such high-quality features like light in weight but with impressive strength, water and fire resistance, and its remarkable ability to deflect heat as opposed to possible alternatives that naturally absorb heat.

Simultaneously, the Guyana ANSA Group has been progressively expanding its local footprint with capital investments in Mix 90.1 radio, Three (3) PENTA Colour Shops and the TWEE Duty-Free Shop in 2016. Without hesitation, the Guyana ANSA Group has been expanding its footprint with investments in Mix 90.1 radio, three PENTA Colour Shops and the TWEE Duty-Free Shop in 2016. The Group launched its Automotive Division in 2017, creating even more employment for Guyanese.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the quarter-century, AMTL has taken care of its employees and invested in its corporate social responsibility program through initiatives like the Beterverwagting (BV) statue upgrade and other investments in the Beterverwagting community, an upgrade to the football field in Linden, ‘CARIB Soca Monarch’, the STAG Elite Football league, the softball cricket competition, significant contributions to charitable causes, the Anthony N.Sabga Awards for excellence and more recently, donations to Dominica towards their rebuilding efforts.

Donations & Contributions

The donation of the ANSA Arch to the people of Guyana in recognition of attaining 50 years in May of 2017 as an independent country, represents a crowning glory in corporate social responsibility. Moreover, employees at AMTL enjoy a robust Reward & Recognition Program with such awards as Employee of the Month, the Quarter and the Year, ANSA Spirit award, Long Service awards and Salesperson of the year, to name a few.

In essence, AMTL has contributed generously in excess of 50 billion dollars in PAYE, corporation, duties, excise, environmental and value-added taxes to the coffers of Guyana, and over 2 billion towards a robust Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Excellence as a concept

The ANSA McAL distributorship epitomizes the idea of regional integration in offering the best of regional and international products to the Guyanese market utilizing a Guyanese workforce and leadership that is committed to enhancing the experience of the consuming public with the most outstanding products and a service ethos that is built on a fundamental understanding of the Guyanese experience.

Excellence as a concept is ingrained in our corporate culture and the activities we have chosen to highlight as part of these celebrations, speak to that idea.

Today, AMTL is a one hundred per cent Guyanese managed company that provides direct and indirect employment to over 300 employees through its five principal divisions ranging from Beverages, Consumer Products, Proctor & Gamble, Pharmaceuticals, and Construction Solutions.